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Spring 2017 (1.1 MB PDF)

  • Emergency response: Preparing for 'when,' not 'if'
  • USAF speaker stresses communication, integrity
  • Boeing 747 down in Afghanistan
  • 'State of the state' from MnDOT Aeronautics
  • 'Transformational change' coming to aviation, FAA says
  • New tools for issuing NOTAMS, assessing runway conditions
  • Planning provides vision, path to success

Winter 2017 (2.1 MB PDF)

  • Forum looks at airport funding, planning
  • Security, GA air service among issues facing new MAC director
  • New approach for assessing pavement conditions
  • UAS: Coming soon to an airport near you
  • Technical tours at the Buffalo airport
  • Navigating aviation web resources
  • Tips for planning your airport's future (and getting free stuff!)

Summer 2016 (402 KB PDF)

  • Minimum standards help ensure safe operations
  • An airport's story: Buffalo Municipal Airport
  • Mark your calendar for these upcoming events

Spring 2016 (369 KB PDF)

  • Is your airport 'Minnesota Nice?'
  • An airport's story: Winona Municipal Airport
  • Long-time MAC leader looks back

Winter 2016 (1.5 KB PDF)

  • Policymaker forum offers insight, education on UAVs
  • Airports get tips on creating, submitting plans at Fall Forum
  • Getting the lead out: changes to aviation fuel
  • An airport’s story: Morris Municipal Airport
  • Plan to attend the 2016 MN Airports Conference in Brainerd!

Summer 2015 (971 KB PDF)

  • Beyond 100LL: The transition to an unleaded avgas
  • An airport's story: Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport

Spring 2015 (336 KB PDF)

  • Panel gives tips on community relations, promotion
  • FAA update at airports conference
  • An airport's story: Eveleth–Virginia Municipal Airport
  • Congratulations to these award-winning airports

Winter 2015 (1.71 MB PDF)

  • Fall forum offers ideas for managing energy, assets
  • Airport self-sufficiency: Taking a fresh look at alternative energy
  • Aviation industry takes new approaches for profitability
  • Strategies for managing airside vegetation
  • Grant assurances: basic compliance
  • An airport’s story: Brainerd Lakes Regional
  • Online tool for tracking towers

Fall 2014 (1.74 MB PDF)

  • Airport project development—from idea to award
  • An airport's story: Fosston Municipal
  • Save the date: MN airports conference

Summer 2014 (624 KB PDF)

  • Local schools help meet demand for aviation professionals
  • An airport's story: Duluth International
  • UAV Lab offers students hands-on experience

Spring 2014 (3.23 MB PDF)

  • Unmanned aircraft poised to take flight in industry, agriculture
  • An airport's story: Warroad International
  • Workshop shares strategies for reducing aircraft–wildlife conflicts

Winter 2014 (776 KB PDF)

  • Fall forum offers look inside MSP's operations, economic impacts
  • Behind the scenes of an international airport
  • Minimum standards protect airport and operators
  • Report shows MSP's economic impact
  • An airport's story: Minneapolis–St. Paul
  • Being prepared means knowing your risks

Fall 2013 (1.78 MB PDF)

  • Airports try creative ways to generate revenue
  • New use for old terminal at Range Regional Airport
  • An Airport’s Story: Bemidji Regional Airport

Summer 2013 (553 KB PDF)

  • Sustainable solutions for airport operations
  • An airport's story: Range Regional Airport

Spring 2013 (523 KB PDF)

  • Building and maintaining good relationships with your board
  • An airport’s story: Thief River Falls Regional Airport

Winter 2013 (526 KB PDF)

  • Fall forum focuses on maintaining airports, industry
  • Mutual aid agreements ensure help when needed
  • Airports urged to try ‘new school’ marketing tools
  • Programs prep students for aviation careers
  • Future for aviation professionals may see more demand, less supply
  • Relocation laws can affect land acquisition
  • An airport’s story: Mankato Regional Airport
  • Surveys find wide-ranging rates and charges
  • Speaker offers tips on concrete rehab
  • Perspectives on plowing

Fall 2012 (518 KB PDF)

  • Maintenance key to solving concrete pavement challenges
  • An airport’s story: Park Rapids Municipal Airport

Spring 2012 (452 KB PDF)

  • Capital improvements require foresight, funding
  • An airport's story: Hutchinson Municipal Airport
  • Save the date: 2012 Fall Forum

Winter 2012 (496 KB PDF)

  • Fall forum focuses on securing future of airports
  • Customer service tied to organization’s mission
  • Airports own their wildlife issues
  • Improving airport sustainability
  • Service, safety, and sustainability influence airports' future
  • Changes coming to 'through-the-fence' agreements
  • Speakers share ideas, resources for emergency planning
  • MnDOT planning for aviation’s future
  • Tour highlights pyrotechnics, lighting, and pavement

Fall 2011 (745 KB PDF)

  • Keeping your airport safe, open, and accessible this winter
  • An airport's story: Aitkin and Pine River
  • Local aviation show takes off

Spring 2011 (629 KB PDF)

  • Airport security about more than preventing terrorism
  • An airport’s story: Flying Cloud
  • Save the date: AirTAP 2011 Fall Forum

Winter 2011 (1.13 MB PDF)

  • Annual forum focuses on maximizing lean resources
  • Speakers discuss how to get the best from staff
  • SWPPP implementation: what's ahead for the next five years?
  • Training key to safe partnering practices
  • GA future looks good, but different
  • Speakers share ways to generate revenue and interest for airports
  • An airport's evolution: the story of the Alexandria and Albert Lea airports
  • Walking tours give attendees closer look at airport operations

Fall 2010 (536 KB PDF)

  • A primer on airport finance

Summer 2010 (834 KB PDF)

  • Technical resources offer help for airport managers
  • Construction safety plans protect airport users, operations
  • Google group debuts
  • See you in Alexandria at this year’s Forum!

Spring 2010 (1.03 MB PDF)

  • Annual fall forum highlights 'year in the life' of airports

Fall 2009 (262 KB PDF)

  • NPDES and stormwater issues for airports

Summer 2009 (554 KB PDF)

  • Coming soon: A guide to agricultural spraying for airport managers
  • Fall forum will feature airport “Year in the Life”
  • “Shop talk” event offers inside look at snow and ice operations

Spring 2009 (334 KB PDF)

  • Annual Fall Forum highlights conflict resolution
  • Focus on mutual interests to solve problems, speaker says
  • Airports play important role in serving public interest
  • Business touts customer service as competitive advantage
  • Managers share thoughts on budgeting for small airports
  • Events, construction among safety issues at airports
  • Airports urged to plan for emergencies

Winter 2008 (224 KB PDF)

  • Ready? Set? Plow! Winter weather strategies for Minnesota’s local airports
  • A finely tuned machine: behind the scenes of MSP’s winter operations
  • Fall Forum coverage coming in 2009

Fall 2008 (228 KB PDF)

  • I Want What I Want When I Want It
  • Case Study: St. Croix River Crossing
  • Register now for the AirTAP 2008 Fall Forum

Spring 2008 (416 KB PDF)

  • Annual Fall Forum highlights airport image, safety
  • Airports must create and project positive image
  • New format debuts as ‘Late Afternoon with Jeff Hamiel’
  • Policymakers share views on recent aviation issues
  • Session gives up-close look at lighting and NAVAIDs
  • Safe aviation begins on the airport

Winter 2007 (276 KB PDF)

  • Surveys offer insight, ideas on generating airport revenue

Fall 2007 (260 KB PDF)

  • FAA updates requirements for AIP grant management

Summer 2007 (224 KB PDF)

  • Navigating airport leases and agreements

Spring 2007 (593 KB PDF)

  • Planning for the worst: emergency preparedness for general aviation airports
  • Spill prevention, control, and countermeasures

Winter 2006/07 (300 KB PDF)

  • Using the new Airport Land Use Compatibility Manual
  • Fall Forum presentations now available on the Web
  • See you in Alexandria!

Fall 2006 (398 KB PDF)

  • Erosion Control for Airports
  • Managing Airport Storm Water Featured at October Fall Forum

Winter 2006 (194 KB PDF)

  • NAVAIDs: A brief overview

Summer 2005 (600 KB PDF)

  • Pavement preservation: protecting your airport's biggest investment

Spring 2005 (395 KB PDF)

  • New tool helps Minnesota airports prove their worth

Winter 2004 (194 KB PDF)

  • Minnesota aeronautics programs and funding
  • AirTAP fall forum takes flight

Fall 2004 (126 KB PDF)

  • Proper fueling methods make for safer airports

Summer 2004 (183 KB PDF)

  • Planning, resources aid equipment-buying process

Spring 2004 (203 KB PDF)

  • Tighter security measures impact general aviation

Winter 2003 (161 KB PDF)

  • Zoning makes space for airports to operate safely

Fall 2003 (204 KB PDF)

  • The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program: how it affects your airport

Summer 2003 (183 KB PDF)

  • Managing airport property: leases, operating agreements, and minimum standards

Spring 2003 (141 KB PDF)

  • Airports charged with challenging task of setting rates and charges

Winter 2002 (80 KB PDF)

  • Self-inspections make for safer airports
  • Asphalt maintenance and preservation featured at upcoming workshop

Fall 2002 (677 KB PDF)

  • Workshop illuminates the latest in airfield lighting and navigational aids

Summer 2002 (209 KB PDF)

  • Wildlife control at airports a growing concern

Spring 2002 (184 KB PDF)

  • Snow and ice control aids safe airport operations

Fall 2001 (239 KB PDF)

  • Welcome to AirTAP Briefings
  • Hiring a consultant: an initial step to airport project development

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