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Preparing for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in Minnesota

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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About the Workshop

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is growing rapidly. Once the domain of the military, these tools are quickly being adapted for use in industry, research, and the public sector.

While the Federal Aviation Administration is developing national standards, policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements, in Minnesota we need to explore the opportunities as well as the challenges of these vehicles from our unique perspective. Becoming a leader in these systems will place Minnesota at the forefront of agriculture, industry, technology, and business. What are unmanned aircraft systems? What are the impacts on airspace, safety, and Minnesota businesses? Where do we go from here?

At this forum, government, academic, and industry leaders came together to discuss these ideas and help chart a bright future for Minnesota.

For more information, please download the final program (776 KB MB PDF).

Forum Presentations

Welcome and Why UAS?

This session presented the current state of UAS and related opportunities and challenges. Where is this technology headed? What does this technology mean for the region? What will UAS look like 20 years from now?

UAS Impacts on Airspace and FAA Roadmap

Attendees learned how UAS affect airspace, how the FAA is responding, and what rules and regulations the agency is considering in this session.

Current Applications and Impacts

Participants engaged in a panel discussion on potential UAS applications. How could UAS be used for agriculture? What are the economic, environmental, and business impacts? What are the potential policy, safety, and regulatory issues? 

North Carolina Case Study: Establishing UAS in the State

This session highlighted North Carolina’s UAS test site, including how it was supported and integrated by the state. What are the effects on the local economy and industry of the state?

Where Do We Go From Here? Opportunities and Challenges

A panel discussed lessons learned, economic impacts and goals of test sites, predictions for the next “big thing,” and the leading opportunities and challenges in this session.

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