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The Airport Project Development Process: From Idea to Award

November 5, 2014

About the Workshop


Airport hangar construction

This workshop provided attendees with training and guidance on successfully navigating the airport project process, including planning, environmental, development, and financing aspects. It provided information to guide attendees through the important steps that must be taken in planning for the current and future needs of Minnesota airports.

Workshop presentations

Runway Extension Roadmap Concept

Andy Peek (FAA) and Kathy Vesely (MnDOT) walked through the concept of the workshop and highlighted key elements for the day.

Defining and Completing the Planning Process

Gina Mitchell (FAA) and Ryan Gaug (MnDOT) discussed how planning sets the stage for project development.

Environmental Topics/NEPA: A Sponsor's Perspective

Speakers included Josh Fitzpatrick (FAA), Julie Carr (MnDOT), and Dick Theisen (MnDOT).

Construction/Implementation Topics

Sandy DePottey (FAA) and Rachel Obermoller (MnDOT) described how to phase a project to minimize airfield impacts and maximize your funding options. The presentation included construction impacts as well as operational and license concerns during a phased construction project.


The workshop is sponsored by Minnesota AirTAP, the MnDOT Office of Aeronautics, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Center for Transportation Studies.

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