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Airports 101

September 20, 2018

About the Event

This one-day workshop provided attendees with an overview of airport operations and management. Topics reviewed at the workshop included how airport managers are responsible for ensuring that their airport is safe for operations, which includes making regular inspections, reporting any discrepancies through the NOTAM process, and repairing any deficiencies in a reasonable amount of time. The event also discussed how an airport manager controls access to the aircraft operating areas (AOA). Other airport manager duties, such as maintaining airport lighting, mowing, plowing snow, or monitoring fuel systems, were also featured.

Topics Covered

  • Airport ownership and governance
  • Rules and regulations
  • Aviation terms and standard procedures
  • Functions and roles of the airport manager
  • Self-inspections and record-keeping
  • Security introduction
  • Emergency preparedness
  • NOTAMs
  • Snow and ice control

More Information

For more information, please contact Katherine Stanley at or 612-626-1023.

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