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2009 AirTAP Fall Forum

September 28–29, 2009

About the 2009 Forum

It was another great AirTAP Fall Forum! The 2009 event, held Sept. 28 and 29 in Mankato, brought together airport personnel and experts from across Minnesota to learn from each other through small-group discussions and collaborative sessions. Topics followed the theme of "A Year in the Life of an Airport", focusing on particular tasks that occur at airports each season.

Forum presentations

Fall Session 1: CIP Planning Tools

Learn about Mn/DOT’s new Capital Improvement Program software and see a live demonstration. Computer stations will be available after the session to test it for yourself.

Jet Blast Session: Share your greatest challenge and what your airport does well

  • Jim Grothaus, AirTAP/University of Minnesota

Fall Session 2: Fuels

Discuss fuel storage, insurance, self-fueling, tank inspection, and recommended user practices.

Jet Blast Session: New Statewide Economic Impact Calculator

Hear about the new economic impact calculator for determining your airport’s worth it its community.

  • William Gartner, University of Minnesota

Winter Session 1: Pavement Surface Condition Reporting

This session will focus on ice and pavement condition reporting, friction metering, braking action, mu meters, and reporting requirements.

  • Brian Thompson, Rochester International Airport
  • Kevin Baker, Mankato Regional Airport
  • Dave Beaver, Owatonna Degner Regional Airport

Jet Blast Session: Snow Removal Around Lighting

Hear guidelines for removing snow around lighting on the airport.

Spring Session 1: NPDES Issues at Airports

Discuss each airport’s storm water pollution prevention plans as well as current NPDES requirements and related commercial service issues.

Spring Session 2: Pavement Condition Reports

Learn more about reading a pavement condition report, prioritizing repairs and maintenance, managing pavement, and receiving federal funding for pavement rehabilitation.

Spring Session 3: Pavement Management Group Activity

Jet Blast Session: Wildlife Control

Get tips for keeping wildlife off the airport, which has become an increasingly important concern.

Summer Session 1: Ag Spraying

Discuss topics from the recently published agricultural spraying guidebook for airport operators.

Jet Blast Session: Construction Issues and Safety Plans

Discuss considerations for construction projects on your airport.

Lunch with Jeff Hamiel

Hear from the Metropolitan Airports Commission executive director on current aviation topics.

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