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2007 AirTAP Fall Forum

October 16–17, 2007
Breezy Point Conference Center
Breezy Point, Minnesota

About the Forum

The 2007 AirTAP Fall Forum brought together airport personnel and experts to learn about airport lighting, master planning, fuel handling, image-making, and many more topics.

Forum presentations

Session 1: Image-Making for Your Airport

Learn how to promote your airport to the community and get communication tools and ideas beyond newspaper articles.

Session 2a: Fuel Quality: Handling and Storage

Learn what is required for an airport that sells fuel on site.

  • Josh Brown, O’Day Equipment

  • Craig Holmquist, O’Day Equipment [view presentation (109 KB PDF)]

  • Leilyn Honeyman, Great Plains Environmental [view presentation (77 KB PDF)]

Lunch with Policymakers

Hear perspectives on issues important to Minnesota airports.

  • Representative Michael Beard

  • Senator Michael Jungbauer

Session 2b: Developing a Positive Image for Your Airport

Discover how to create a positive image, write press releases, and more.

Session 3a: Maintenance Issues: Wildlife and Turf Maintenance

See the newly published and updated Wildlife and Vegetation Management Handbook and get ideas for handling related issues at your airport.

Session 3b: Planning Challenges and Solutions

Get tips for using the Land Use Handbook to deal with planning challenges such as wind generators and development.

  • Kathy Vesely, Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics

  • Matt Romanik, Grand Rapids-Itasca Count Airport

  • Gina Mitchell, Bolton & Menk [view presentation (1.51 MB PDF)]

Session 4: Conversations with Jeff Hamiel

Join a discussion with the MAC executive director on hot topics and emerging airport trends.

  • Jeff Hamiel, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Session 5a: Airport Lighting and NAVAID Maintenance, Part I

Take part in a hands-on look at maintenance and alignment of VASIs, PAPIs, REILs, and other navigational aids.

Airport Lighting, Part I

Session 5b: Master Planning

Learn why a master plan is important, how and when to update it, what to include, and how to tie it to a community comprehensive plan.

  • Dan Millenacker, FAA

  • Kathy Vesely, Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics [view presentation (1.07 MB PDF)]

Session 6a: Airport Lighting and NAVAID Maintenance, Part 2

Take part in a hands-on look at maintenance and alignment of VASIs, PAPIs, REILs, and other navigational aids.

Session 6b: CIP Basics

Learn how to develop a Capital Improvement Program and use it as an effective planning tool.

  • Mike Ferry, Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics

  • Tracy Schmidt, FAA [view presentation (763 KB PDF)]

Session 7: Operating a Safe Airport

Discuss self-inspections, safe maintenance operations, and emergency response to fires, spills, and other incidents.

  • Jesse Carriger, FAA [view presentation (488 KB PDF)]

  • Joe Morgan, Princeton Automated FSS

  • Mike Kneeland, Brainerd-area pilot

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