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Minnesota Airports Conference

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2016 Minnesota Airports Conference

The conference is brought to you by the Minnesota Council of Airports and the Minnesota Department of Transportation and facilitated by the Airport Technical Assistance Program (AirTAP).




April 20-22, 2016
Brainerd, MN 

About the Event

The annual Minnesota Airports Conference features experts in aviation and aerospace fields sharing their experiences in general assembly presentations, workshops, and open forums. The conference, held in conjunction with the Minnesota Council of Airports annual meeting, also includes technical and safety presentations, an industry trade show, and an awards and recognition program.

Conference Presentations

Air Service Development Challenges & Emerging Trends Impacting Non-hub Airports

Emerging trends and challenges facing regional or non-hub airports

Technology, Social Media, & Public Engagement for Small Airports

Creative ways to employ technology and social media to effectively reach your target audience

Opening luncheon

Experiences and insights from naval aviator, astronaut, aviation accident investigator, and air race pilot Robert “Hoot” Gibson

FAA Update

Update on funding and policy topics at the FAA

MnDOT Aeronautics Update

Latest funding and policy topics at MnDOT

Airport Liability and Risk Management

Airport risk management best practices and airport liability topics

Airline Pilot Shortage Discussion

Challenges to sustainable air service in regional centers

Your Community’s Front Door—Is Your Airport “Minnesota Nice?”

What matters most to pilots and passengers and cost-effective strategies for improvements

Emerging Technology to Administer and Maintain Small Airports

Creative ways to employ technology to operate and maintain an airport

Airport Sustainability

Simple ways to make an airport more sustainable

Airport Zoning Update

Updates on airport safety zoning requirements and proposed legislative changes

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